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How to Use Animal Print Carpet in Your Home

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

If you're looking to make a bold choice to your home's décor this year, animal print carpets may be your new found love. Animal prints are all about pattern and walking on the wild side!

New Animal Inspired Designs

You have probably noticed animal pattern designs are back and fierce for 2024!  Available in more colors and patterns than ever before, these exotic textiles add warmth and chic to any interior.  Incorporating a striking animal print carpet runner into your home design not only steps up the glam, but hides wear and tear on your staircase.  To create high-impact in a room, use an animal print area rug as a focal point in a room, but limit its use to the floor to keep it from overwhelming the space. Best of all, carpet from the animal kingdom are considered a decorating neutral, which allows you to play with other colors, patterns, and styles in the room freely.  Whether you favor a realistic version of your favorite wild animal or a subtle interpretation, you're sure to find animal patterns to suit your style. Here are some of our favorites or visit our Animal Print carpet gallery:

Go Sophisticated and Exotic with Blue Antelope

Make a strong and elegant statement with an antelope print carpet. This high-quality broadloom carpeting is made from 80% wool and 20% nylon, offering an enduring foundation and softness underfoot. The un-animal like coloration adds a bold twist to a classic motif.

Antelope wall to wall carpet in living room

Light Leopard For the Stylish Minimalist

An animal print stair carpet is a great way to add a fun pattern to your stairway and are available in more colors than ever before. A grey leopard stair runner rug showcases this simple staircase without overwhelming it. Animal inspired designs are a classic way to add style to your home.

leopard print rug runner

Animal print wall to wall carpets or area rugs are a chic decorating solution for an elegant living room, bedroom, home office, child's room, and more. Installing an animal patterned carpet on stairs provides a welcome decorative accent. Don’t be afraid to mix these designs with your style. In fact, adding colorful accent pieces can really make your space pop. Whether you choose an antelope print, leopard print, tiger print, cheetah print, or zebra print, choosing a wildlife influenced carpet is sure to complete the scene for both trendy and traditional spaces.

Ready to find your animal print carpet?

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