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Rugs Inspired by Nature: Winter's Moody Landscapes

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

abstract handmade rug in master bedroom
Brilliance Tungsten Area Rug in 100% Silk Room Design by Becker Studios Photography: Spenser Bruce

When temperatures dip, nothing feels better than a cozy rug underfoot to warm the spirits and ban the chills. Our top decorative rug picks this month take inspiration from

winter's moody winter hues. Bare feet optional!

Custom Area Rugs Designed for You

Sweeping purples paired with pops of magenta, crimson and apricot create a vibrant watercolor vibe in our Rustic Romantic wool and art silk rug from K. Powers' Custom. Pick your favorite landscape scene and we will help you create a custom rug to bring your atmospheric vision to life.

Available in sizes 2 x 3 thru 12 x 15 or any custom size. The striking vibrancy and fluid tones of this this contemporary area rug will compliment any room style.

Bold and Beautiful Contemporary Bedroom

The striking and abstract mountain peaks could have been the inspiration for the Dunwell Azalea area rug from the Dabbieri Collection.  Shades of magenta, periwinkle,

purple, and grey flow together in perfect harmony to make this carpet the star in this

contemporary bedroom space.

Starting your room design with a bold rug allows you to build your space one piece at a time instead of being overwhelmed with choosing furnishings all at once. Consider using neural tones such as white or light grey on the walls and let the dominant colors in the purple room size rug take center stage.

Rugs Inspired by Mountains in Winter

The Brilliance Tungsten area rug from Tufenkian Artisan Carpets could have been inspired from the burst of golden clouds of foliage floating against the beautiful amethyst mountain in this landscape mural by Dan Young titled "A Breakfast Gathering".

Incorporating this area rug into a dining room or bedroom with accents of antique gold would be our décor inspiration from this winter scene. Brilliance Tungsten in 100% silk by Tufenkian Artisan Carpets. Standard or custom sizes available.

Cool Mist over the Ocean

The hand-knotted rug construction and use of color lends depth and texture to this modern rug design, a faded look that will captivate interiors. Magnificent blue tones from aqua to midnight take you to the clearest depths of the open ocean. Silver accents adorn the rug offering a subtle shimmer.

Aventine Blue from Tufenkian Artisan Carpets is available in standard room sizes; large area rug sizes, custom sizes, runners, squares and rounds available. See our large collection of Tufenkian handmade rugs in our Needham showroom.


Whether you're inspired by majestic mountains, sunset skies,

or any of nature's glorious winter landscapes,

we'd love to help you find a carpet your client will love!

View our online rug gallery or find rugs for sale in our online store

or visit our Greater Boston rug store to see our latest collections.

Ready to start your next decorating project? Contact us today!


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