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Frequently Asked Questions about Carpet

Is carpet safe for my home?

We all love the ability of carpet to warm a room, reduce noise and, prevent slips and falls.  But, is it safe?  According to numerous studies sighted by the The Carpet and Rug Institute, "carpet improves indoor air quality by trapping particles, dirt, and debris in the carpet, which keeps them out of the air you breathe".  They go on to state the particles can then be removed by vacuuming and cleaning the carpet.  The studies also found that airborne particles were actually much higher in floors without carpet.  Still, carpet, like most modern home materials, contains VOC's  (volatile organic compounds).  Breathing VOC's can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat and cause other adverse health effects.  We share your concern and have created a list of recommendations for keeping your home healthy while still enjoying the many benefits carpeting your home will offer:

  • The greenest choice is wool carpet with a natural jute or rubber backing.  Wool is a natural fiber that provides many benefits that we have outlined in our guide Why Wool Carpet.  We offer 100% wool broadloom and area rugs in an expansive variety of styles and colors.

  • If synthetic carpet is called for, select a carpet with the lowest VOC's.  Carpets and other flooring products with the Green Label Plus certification have been tested for indoor air quality (IAQ) that ensure customers they are purchasing the very lowest emitting products available.

  • On installation day, keep the windows open and add a fan to pull air in and to allow it to circulate.  The new carpet smell will dissipate faster in a well-ventilated area and should be gone within 48 hours.

  • Use wool carpet pad, antimicrobial synthetic jute underlayment, or Healthier Choice carpet cushion that is 100% post- consumer recyclable. 

  • Remove shoes at the door to minimize the amount of dirt, allergens, and grime entering your home.

  • Purchase a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter.  A HEPA filter will ensure that dust doesn't become airborne when you vacuum.  

  • Vacuum often (this will extend the life of the carpet, too) and have your carpet professionally cleaned to remove soil and other contaminants.

Learn more about carpet and indoor air quality in this CRI bulletin.

Do I need a carpet pad?


We're often asked, particularly from clients interested in area rugs, do we need a pad?  While often the first thought of a pad is the softness and cushion it provides, and this is a valid consideration, the primary purpose of a carpet cushion is to support and protect the carpet backing.  Carpets are subject to a lot of wear and tear.  A dense carpet cushion supports and protects the backing of your carpet by absorbing most of the impact from foot traffic and furniture.  Carpet installed over the right quality pad will last longer and perform better than one without the proper carpet underlayment.  In addition, carpet padding provides an extra layer of insulation and will aid in noise reduction.  Some carpet underlayments also provide a protective barrier that prevents fluids from seeping into the pad and flooring.  There are different carpet pads to choose from and our carpet consultants can help you find the one that is best for your carpet project.

How much carpet will I need?

Our carpet measuring service is complementary and will provide you the most accurate estimate for your carpet project.  If you just want an idea of how much you will need for your wall to wall installation before you start shopping, you can to do your own calculations.  First, measure the longest width and length of your room.  Add in any closet areas or nooks that were not included in your initial measurements.  Now add 10% to those figures and that will give you a ballpark estimate of the amount of carpet needed.  Extra carpet beyond this may be required if your room has lots of jogs or if the carpet you choose has a pattern with a large repeat.


For example:  Room width 13' and room length 16' and one closet size 5 x 8.

Multiply width by length ( 13' x 16') =    208 square feet

Add in closet  (5' x 8')                               40 SF

Total                                                         248 square feet

Add 10% (round up)                                  25 SF

CARPET NEEDED                                      273 square feet

Convert to square yards 273/9 =             31 square yards

Estimating the amount of carpet needed for stair runner installations is a little tricker, but we're here to help.  If you can email us photos of your staircase, including any landing areas, we can provide a budget estimate.  Please include the width of your stairs wall to wall or wall to spindle and the outside dimensions of any landing areas.  Email us

What is the cost of new carpeting?


Carpeting your home is an investment that will vary greatly depending on the type, quality, and amount of carpet needed.  Wall to wall carpet requires the most carpet while a stair runner or  area rug will need much less.  Here are some of the factors that should be considered when estimating costs for your carpet project:


  • Carpet Material:  For example, wool carpet will usually cost more than a synthetic carpet and woven carpet will be more than a comparable tufted carpet.  

  • Cushion:  Wall to wall carpet installations, carpet installed on stairs, and area rugs should always have an underlayment to support and extend the life of the carpet. We offer different types of carpet pad including specialty cushions with moisture barriers or pads that offer sound proofing.

  • Labor:  Installation, delivery, and other services such as stair installation, take-up of existing carpet, and furniture moving will add to the cost.

  • Binding:  Binding is an additional cost to finish the edges on area rugs and stair runners.

  • Floor Leveling or Repair:  May be required if floor is damaged or unlevel, such as in older basement installations.

  • Molding:  Any additional transition strips or moldings will be additional.

  • Travel:  Travel beyond a 50-mile radius, Boston deliveries, or deliveries requiring a lift will be additional.

We are happy to schedule a free, no obligation, measure and estimate for your carpet project. 

Schedule a measure.

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