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Stair Runners in Hundreds of Pattern and Colors


Carpet:  Tundanca in color Brass from Louis A. Dabbieri. 

Fiber: 100% Polypropylene 

Construction: Face to Face Wilton pile.

Photo Credit:


A beautiful stair runner does more than create a visual focal point in your home.  It protects your stairs from excessive wear, tones down the noise of traffic going up and down and keeps your staircase from becoming a slip hazard. With hundreds of patterns, styles, and colors to choose from, our experienced design consultants are here to guide you through the selection process. We'll work with your paint colors, furnishings and lifestyle to find the perfect carpet for your stairs and halls. Take your home a "step-up" with one of our stylish stair runners. Visit our showroom, schedule an in-home design consultation or contact us for more information.  



Choosing a Stair Runner

When choosing a carpet runner for your home, durability should be a primary concern.  Consider your family lifestyle and the amount of traffic your stair carpet will receive. Patterned Wilton carpets can add incredible style and color to your stairway, as in the stunning example below.  However, if your stairs receive a lot of heavy traffic, then a sturdier carpet construction such as a woven axminster or 

heavy duty tufted carpet would be a  better option.














Another consideration in choosing a carpet runner is the size and width of your stairs.  Generally speaking, large-scale patterns accentuate the drama of a wide staircase, while smaller scale patterns are more suited to an average stairway.  However, check out our photo gallery below and you’ll see that rules are meant to be broken! 











What Installation Style is Best for My Carpet Runner?

Lastly, how will your custom runner be installed?  Carpet for stairs and halls can be installed wall to wall, wall to the spindle or as a custom sized runner fit to your stairs.  Edge finishes are another option.  For an unobtrusive look, finish your stair runner with a carpet binding in a color that blends into the background.  A wide binding in a color that accents the carpet is a great choice for a more decorative look. The leopard patterned carpet below features wide binding as a decorative accent.

















Hollywood or Waterfall Style stair runner installation?

Choosing between a Hollywood or waterfall style stair runner installation is the last step.  Hollywood refers to the method where the carpet is wrapped over the edge of the stair and tacked tightly under the nosing, creating a tailored look.  In waterfall style, the carpet is brought over the stair tread and straight down the riser, creating a flowing effect. Either method is possible with most carpet, although thicker carpets lend themselves better to waterfall stair installations.

                       See more examples of Hollywood Stair Runners and Waterfall Stair Runners here.


With the many different styles, colors and textures to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect stair runner to fulfill your needs.  Go bold or be demure, a stair carpet runner will add warmth and beauty to your home. 

Wilton Carpet image
Antelope Stair Runner
Animal Print Stair Runner

Carpet:  Forza Dell in color Linen from Dabbieri Naturals Collection.

Fiber:  Wool Blend

Woven Wilton construction.  

Carpet:  Onta in color Silver from Dabbieri Naturals Collection.

Fiber:  Wool Blend

Construction:  Woven Wilton

Shown with Wide Cotton binding edge treatment. 

Hollywood Style Runner Installation
Waterfall Style Runner Installation

Hollywood Style Stair Carpet Runner Installation

Waterfall Style Stair Carpet Runner Installation


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