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Natural Hardwood and Wide Plank Flooring

       Ranging from the light, dewy tones of summer to the rich, warm shades of autumn, our Premier Hardwood Collection offers a variety of styles and designs providing the finest in hardwood for residential or commercial use. Exceptional in detail and craftsmanship, our collection includes a wide range of hand-crafted flooring in smooth, hand distressed, wire brushed or hand scraped finishes. Whether your favorite look is vintage, modern or in-between, K. Powers has an outstanding array of products available.

  • Traditional, modern or rustic hardwood styles

  • Board widths from 2 ¼” to 8” wide and more

  • Solid or Engineered Hardwood

  • Domestic or Exotic species in standard or custom stains.

  • Professional installation available on any of our hardwood flooring products.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between grades of hardwood?

     The difference between hardwood grades reflects the number of character marks allowed for each.  For example, the Select grade of hardwood will have more color variation, knots and mineral veins then Select and Better.

What steps should I take to maintain my new pre-finished wood floor?

      Maintaining and controlling temperature and humidity levels and proper cleaning is the key to keeping your new floor looking its best.  K. Powers will provide you with complete instructions specific to your flooring purchase, but the following instructions will provide some general guidelines.  

  • The best way to protect your wood floors is to vacuum regularly.

  • When cleaning, spray a small amount of cleaner on your mop and clean a section at a time, mopping in the same direction as your floorboards.  WARNING:  Too much water can swell the wood fibers and damage the floors.  It can cause dimensional problems, discoloration and even create mold buildup.  Always use mats at doorways, entrances and in front of sinks. 

  • Use a cleaner made for your type of floor and avoid the use of wax, household detergents or oil-based soaps. 

  • Maintain temperature and humidity.  Typically if you’re comfortable, your wood floor will be too!  If you are away during very hot or cold weather, keeping the same temperature and humidty levels in the room will ensure your hardwood won’t gap or cup.


The hardwood under my rug is lighter then the surrounding floor.  What can I do to even the tone?

     The hardwood floor subject to light will oxidize and lighten with age, but the floor hidden by the rug will maintain its original color. This is especially true of exotic species hardwoods such as Brazillian Cherry.  If the rug is removed and the floor exposed, eventually the lighter floor will darken and catch up to the uncovered floor. Be patient, the process could take several months.

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